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What's So Special About Djenne?

What's So Special About Djenne?

Djenné is where my journey as an artist began.  It is a city rooted in authenticity.

I first came across the Great Mosque of Djenné while doing online research for a class project for art school.  I was awestruck.  Its majestic nature, ingenuity and craftsmanship all enthralled me and I knew I had to make the journey there in person.

Located in central Mali, Djenné is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under 'Old Towns of Djenné.'  During my visit, I witnessed the grandeur of the mosque, admired the monumental homes with decorative facades, and visited the tombs of the saints. These experiences stirred up so many emotions within me.  I was compelled to tell the stories.

I questioned to myself,
What are the stories that we have not heard that need to be told?

This is why I founded Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern.


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