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gnawa series
Some years ago, while strolling through PLACE Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech, I heard the most incredible music. I followed the hypnotic, rhythmic sound through the bustling square to a troupe of musicians. I couldn’t get the music out of my head so I went back the next day, and the day after that, to hear the Gnawa musicians play.

Originally brought to Morocco as slaves, the Gnawa people held on to their musical heritage and are now celebrated nationwide for their songs. They are sought after for their lilas, all night performances to bless and rid homes of evil spirits. The haunting trance-like music inspired me to create a series of drawings that led to this scarf collection.

The prints in the Gnawa Series are as soft as they are elegant and combine the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. I hope each piece conjures the faint melody of a faraway place for its wearer.

gnawa series