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fulani fulbe series

Welcome to the Fulani Fulbe Series!

The Fulani Fulbe Series is an exploration of Pulaaku, the Fulbe way of life which allows them to maintain their identity across boundaries and changes of lifestyle.

The Fulani are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahel and West Africa and are comprised of nomadic and sedentary populations. They are bound together by the Fula language, their shared history, and their culture.

The minimalist way of life, respect for family, decorum, and pastoral chivalry are aspects highlighted in the Wansan Collection.

Fulbe- Dalaba explores the area of Dalaba, a breathtaking and magical land of tropical landscapes.

It is home to the historic national treasure, Case à Palabre where, in days past, meetings were held between the local chiefs and the colonial governor.

fulani fulbe series