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             Our products are timeless, unique, and versatile.

Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern creates limited edition designs for the culture connoisseur. Our sustainably produced, one of a kind, designs respond to your longing for sophisticated expression that transcends the mundane.

Our inspiring designs are timeless, versatile and reflect your style and the richness of the world. Our stories highlight the cultural wealth and beauty of Africa.

Each of our designs start with hand-drawn sketches inspired by the cultural touchstone of a country in Africa where Zainab our Creative Director and Founder, has traveled for immersive research.

Once the sketches are digitized, Zainab selects material and sizing specific to each group of products. Our textiles are then sustainably produced in a 75 year old textile mill in Como Italy, using natural fibers including silk, wool, linen, and cotton.

Our products create a connection between our customers and African culture through the stories that inspire each design. Music. Architecture. Natural beauty. Flora and Fauna. These universal themes that are familiar across all cultures show how interconnected we are.

Whether styled for the home or body, our colors and fabrics connote joyful, feelgood, and sophisticated vibes.