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Process: Creating the Ya Moulana Piece

Process: Creating the Ya Moulana Piece

Ya Moulana was conceived from listening to the beats and rhythms of Gnawa music.

Using various shades of red yarn sourced locally at Bead + Fiber in SoWA, I let the music guide my fingers as I draped the cotton cords on a dress form. 

The intoxicating sound of the Guembri, the hypnotic rhythm of the Krakeb travels the length of this piece; Repetitive, slow at first and then an explosion. Red is power, it is sedating, classic and alluring.

Ya MoulanaYa MoulanaYa Moulana


Armed with my needle and using the sculptural weaving technique called coiling, this piece was created.

Ya Moulana Ya Moulana Ya Moulana

My artisanal pieces are created with locally sourced and sustainable yarns.

Every piece is unique and handmade. If you are interested in purchasing a custom piece, please contact me.


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