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Knowing Me, Knowing You with Rachel Ross

Knowing Me, Knowing You with Rachel Ross

Knowing Me, Knowing You with Rachel Ross

I’m a neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and karaoke rockstar. I love to read books and eat flowers off of trees (and then make pickles out of them).

To me, the process of doing a thing is more important for the joy it brings than the product it makes. So I steer myself by my engagement in the process, rather than the goal of the product.

Foundgoro Midi Dress Gnawa Lila Bleu


I was drawn to Zainab's designs because of her joyful and vibrant use of color, and engagement in the translation of different art forms (music, architecture, photography) to tell an immersive story.

I love the opportunity to embody this when I wear her art, and to spread her joy when people ask me about these pieces.


Djenné Mystere Mud Bleu



I style my Zainab textiles as a scarf or wrap, and have a couple dresses I love to play in and wear often.





Rachel's beautiful styling includes the following:
Photo 1: Gnawa Artisanal Denim Jacket, Allal Maxi Dress
Photos 2 & 3: Foundgoro Midi Dress in Lila Jaune, Gnawa Lila Bleu
Photo 4: Foundgoro Midi Dress, Djenné Mystere Mud Bleu


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