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Wansan Village Noir

Wansan Village Noir

In the Fouta-Djallon region of Guinea, Zainab stays in picturesque Wansan, a Fulani family village where daily life is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city....

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    Cow grazing the pastures.

    Goats and sheep roaming free.

    Chickens scurrying around the village huts.

    This is the essence of life that Zainab felt the first time she walked into a family village in Wansan.

    Simple. Minimal. Carefree.

    The conversation of Fulani life is in full view with everyday household objects lying around both inside and outside the home: the kettle for handwashing, the calabash gourd that stores food and liquids, the mortar and pestle for food preparation, and the coal pot for cooking.

    The completed watercolor painting of Wansan Village. I wanted to incorporate all the iconic objects of the Fulani household and the symbiotic relationship between the Fulani and their livestock.
    Filling in the details of the Wansan Village print with watercolor.
    Wansan Village Noir
    Wansan Village Noir
    Wansan Village Noir
    Wansan Village Noir
    Wansan Village Noir
    Wansan Village Noir

    Wansan Village Noir

    A world of possibilities.

    Wear the silk twill Village Noir print as a belt, chic top, gorgeous handle or extra pop for your purse, tied elegantly around your luscious hair, or beautifully draped over your shoulders.  Display this conversational textile art on your walls to create some lively discussions of your own.

    35" x 35"

    100% silk twill

    Hand-rolled edges

    Limited run of 30

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean