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Gnawa Fleur Jaune

Gnawa Fleur Jaune

There’s one key reason to make the pilgrimage to Essaouira in July.…

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    It’s a rowdy boisterous affair.

    You’re dancing to the music and getting caught up just like everyone else around when you happen to look over to the right.

    There standing next to you is the artist who you just watched on another stage, Mâalem Houssam Guinea.

    Excitement fills you. He’s probably wondering why you’re staring at him, but when asked if we can take a picture together, he seems happy to be recognized.

    Then you’re ready to get back to losing yourself in the music.

    The Gnaoua World Music Festival.

    It’s like Coachella (but better, maybe).

    Gnawa Fleur from watercolor to digital art to textile print.
    Gnawa Fleur Jaune
    Gnawa Fleur Jaune

    Gnawa Fleur Jaune

    The colorful and ornate embroidered flowers worn by musicians of Gnawa music are the inspiration behind the Gnawa Fleur design.

    The Fleur Jaune print is lightweight and seasonless, featuring a blue, teal, blush, and mint floral scheme.

    35" x 78"

    100% linen

    Hand-finished sides with raw edge

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean