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Dogon Anemone Vert

Dogon Anemone Vert

Passing through one village in Dogon Country, Zainab spots a curious-looking geometric structure providing shade to those under it….

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    It’s the gathering place for the men of the village.

    And though I cannot join them, I can see them lounging about. The clinking of stones against the wood of the mancala boards mingles with the sounds of their chit chatting. The swishing stream of tea being poured alternates with satisfying sips.

    It’s where lively discussions begin and disputes are settled.

    With a roof balanced on stacked stones and low clearance, this ingenuity allows for peaceful resolution to arguments. As they say, it’s difficult to become or stay angry when one must remain seated.

    All under the case à palabre.

    The toguna.

    A brief highlight of the painting process for Anemone Taupe.
    Dogon Anemone Vert
    Dogon Anemone Vert
    Dogon Anemone Vert

    Dogon Anemone Vert

    The Dogon Anemone design is an abstract representation of the structural form of the case à palabre or toguna, the central meeting place of the village in Dogon Country, Mali.

    The Anemone Vert print is inspired by the colors signaling the arrival of autumn in New England, set against a teal background with shades of greys, chartreuse, and chestnut brown.

    35" x 78"

    93% modal, 7% cashmere

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean