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Djenne Wahala Bleu Large Art

Djenne Wahala Bleu Large Art

Pausing at a stall selling brightly colored beads in the bustling noisy outdoor marketplace of Djenné, Zainab looks up and the noises fade away….

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    Djenne Wahala Bleu Large Art
    Djenne Wahala Bleu Large Art

    Djenne Wahala Bleu Large Art

    Djenné Wahala is a playful iteration of the iconic Great Mosque of Djenné and the forms found in both its interior and exterior.

    This is a larger scale version of our Wahala Bleu print, drawing its colors from the clothing worn by the locals as well as the wares and fruits and vegetables on display at the weekly outdoor market.

    Silk:  54" x 54"
    80% modal, 20% silk
    Hand-finished edge

    Cashmere:  54" x 79.5"
    90% modal, 10% cashmere
    Raw edge


    Dry clean


    I look up to see the Great Mosque of Djenné standing secure and resilient.

    Where there are slight grooves in its smooth yet organically textured facade, I can imagine the hands that labored to repair and re-mud the mosque during the community’s last Crepissage.

    The dust kicks up from the slight breeze and the muskiness of dirt and wood reaches me, enveloping me with the warm presence of mother earth.

    If I squint up in the distance, I can just make out the oval silhouettes of the ostrich eggs sitting on the conical spires of the minarets.

    And on the protruding palm branches decorating all sides of the mosque, birds are perched here and there. They preen their feathers while keeping an eye on the human activity below until, in unison, they take flight.

    The completed Wahala Mud painting with the Great Mosque and aspects of its interior and exterior in abstract.
    Initial sketching complete and beginning to add color to the abstract patterns in the Wahala Mud painting.