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Dalaba Fougere Gris

Dalaba Fougere Gris

Zainab soaks up the fresh mountain air and the majestic vista....

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    Dalaba Fougere Gris
    Dalaba Fougere Gris
    Dalaba Fougere Gris

    Dalaba Fougere Gris

    Two muscovy ducks explore amongst the array of foliage and flora in the Fougère print. The tropical landscape of Dalaba, Guinea is on full display with the many different textures and shades of greenery. 

    The hues of the foliage and flora pop against neutral grey in this cozy, lightweight yet warm wool print. A perfect winter companion whether thrown around the shoulders or as accent decor to spice up your sofa.

    51" x 70"

    100% wool

    Raw edges all around

    Limited run of 16

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean


    The rain has finally halted after three consecutive days of downpours. This means I'm itching to get outdoors. Tibou and Virginie, my hosts in Dalaba, accompany me on a scenic hike to the top of a nearby hill.

    The air smells crisp with the scents of rainwater and pine. Droplets cling to the grass and provide a cool sensation on my ankles as I wade through. The pine trees tower over us, sometimes gifting us with a small splash to our faces.

    As we make the steep climb, we meander past large boulders and rocky paths. Sometimes I grab onto Tibou to steady my balance. It's invigorating.

    The tree cover breaks and reveals a glorious view. I'm euphoric. A 360 twirl around displays verdant valleys. I can barely make out the villages buried underneath the canopy of trees.

    It's like we're the only ones in the world up here. The branches dance gently with the breeze. The little streams of water trickle downhill. The radiant sun peeks through the pillowy white clouds against the blue sky.

    My shoulders relax as I take a deep breath.

    Finishing details on the Fougère watercolour painting before filling in the background.