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Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt

Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt

You’re a free spirit, dancing and swaying to the rhythms of Gnawa music, losing yourself in the movements.

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    Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt
    Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt
    Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt
    Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt

    Gnawa Jadba Sweatshirt

    Inspired by the nirvana-like state, jadba, that participants reach during a Lila, the artwork for Gnawa Jadba is an abstraction of the dancer being transported into trance through the sweeping movements of Gnawa music.

    The grey and navy Jadba sweatshirt features bright blue, yellow, mint, white, and black graphics. With its soft texture and raglan sleeves, you'll be living in this sweatshirt.

    50% polyester, 46% cotton, 4% rayon

    Printed in the USA

    Machine wash

    Measures 27.5" long in medium


    The voices of the musicians seamlessly blend in with the plucking strings of the guembri, the tinny chinks of the qraqeb, and the heartbeat-like pounding of the ganga.

    The music builds and builds.


    And you’re transported to an altered state of consciousness.

    It’s nirvanic.

    It’s jadba.

    The digital art for the Gnawa apparel collection and playing with different color schemes.