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Wansan Suudu Vert

Wansan Suudu Vert

Arriving in Wansan, Zainab was captivated by the intriguing structures spread across the village....

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    Wansan Suudu Vert
    Wansan Suudu Vert
    Wansan Suudu Vert
    Wansan Suudu Vert

    Wansan Suudu Vert

    It's a conversation starter.

    Wear the silk mousseline print as a blousey top, vintage yet modern headscarf, wrapped around your elegant neck, or tied as a stylish accessory on your purse.  Better yet, impress your houseguests with the Suudu Vert print as a framed work of art.

    55" x 55"

    100% silk mousseline

    Hand-rolled edges

    Limited run of 23

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean


      Wave hello to Isatu and Fatoumatu, two Fulani women Zainab befriended during her time in Wansan.

      What's that behind them, you ask?

      It's the suudu udo, literally "grass hut."

      Aka the wife's domain.

      It's typical for a husband in the village to have several wives and each wife has her own suudu where she holds court and entertains. You'll even find the village hens- of the animal variety- roosting and holding their own court outside the suudu.

      Seeing the many suudu dotting the village and how they are utilized by the women and animals conjurs a comforting sense of community and belonging.

      The completed painting of Wansan Suudu. I wanted to convey the texture of the grass huts and how each group of suudu is surrounded by native foliage, providing privacy from the other families in the village.
      Adding the surrounding greenery to the Wansan Suudu watercolor painting.