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Gnawa Melk T-Shirt

Gnawa Melk T-Shirt

You’re caught up in the rainbow of colors of the lila....

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    Gnawa Melk T-Shirt
    Gnawa Melk T-Shirt
    Gnawa Melk T-Shirt

    Gnawa Melk T-Shirt

    An abstract play on the spirits that are evoked during a lila, the Gnawa Melk design calls on the rhythm of the Gnawa music, the instruments, and the symbols unique to Gnawa culture.

    The white Melk t-shirt features a description of Gnawa music and a black and white graphic of the Melk design from our print collection.

    100% cotton

    Printed in the USA

    Machine wash

    Measures 29" long in medium


    You're there to soak up the entire experience.

    The lila ceremony-- musicians seated on the floor, the dancers (that’s you, by the way, and your fellow spectators).

    It’s an invocation of the spirits with dance, song, and heady incense by the mistress of the program, a spiritual woman with the title of moqadma.

    White. Spirit of Islam.

    Dark blue. Spirit of the sea.

    Light Blue. Spirit of the sky.

    Red. Spirit of blood.

    Green. Spirit of nature.

    Black. Spirit of the forest.

    Yellow. Spirit of femininity.

    Each is a melk.

    The digital art for the Gnawa apparel collection and playing with different color schemes.