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Gnawa Maalem Jaune

Gnawa Maalem Jaune

Call him Sir Master Musician….

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    Gnawa Maalem Jaune
    Gnawa Maalem Jaune
    Gnawa Maalem Jaune
    Gnawa Maalem Jaune

    Gnawa Maalem Jaune

    Gnawa musicians are led by the master musician, mâalem, portrayed at the center of Mâalem Jaune.

    Robed in earthy brown and holding a traditional ganga drum, he is flanked by musicians playing the qraqeb, a castanet-like instrument, and two additional musicians on a smaller scale.

    35" x 78"

    100% linen

    Hand-rolled sides, raw hem

    Limited run of 15

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean


    He’s the maestro.

    Only after years of study under another master can he lead this group of musicians and dancers.

    Toting his guembri, a three-stringed lute, the other musicians follow his lead playing their large castenet qraqeb, and the ganga drum. Their voices join and blend with the instruments.

    The master sings out to the musicians and audience, and you respond with voice and body to answer his call, swaying to the hypnotic rhythms of the Gnawa song.

    You won’t hear it from his own lips, but call him Mâalem.

    The phases of bringing the Maalem print to life in linen.