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Wansan Feuillage Rose

Wansan Feuillage Rose

Being Wansan is like being transported to another world for Zainab, one filled with lush tropical greenery....

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    Wansan Feuillage Rose
    Wansan Feuillage Rose
    Wansan Feuillage Rose

    Wansan Feuillage Rose

    Channel your free spirit.

    The Feuillage Rose print is your companion to your local and global escapades. Throw it over your shoulder as a shawl like the sophisticate you are. Grab it on your way out the door to run an errand or commute to work.  Transform it into a cover up during those warmer days.  Drape it in your home for an instant room upgrade.

    51" x 70"

    70% wool, 30% silk

    Raw edge hem and hand-rolled sides

    Limited run of 25

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean


    A land of rich green hues stretching across the acres. Fields of crops and fruit trees. All observed as Zainab walked the property alongside the Fulani family she stayed with in Wansan.

    A profound sense of aliveness.

    Zainab was completely mesmerized by the beauty of Wansan and the tangible way the Fulani are connected to the land on which they live.

    The village is surrounded by an expansive array of lush greenery that was enchanting and idyllic.

    The watercolor painting of Wansan Feuillage. The foliage depicted here is just a small selection of the many varieties I saw walking around the village. The cattle are grazing among the foliage, which in the textile print appears as if they are in hiding.
    The beginning pencil sketches of the Wansan Feuillage painting and the cattle as it slowly comes to life in color..