Djenné Wahala Mud - Large Art

Djenné Wahala Mud - Large Art

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Hand Finished Edge
  54" x 54"

Frayed Edge
    54" x 79.5"

- Made in Italy
- Dry clean only

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The Djenné Collection was inspired by vernacular architecture.

I was completely spellbound by the brilliance of La Grande Mosquée du Djenné. The Unesco heritage structure, complete with elongated pillars, intricately created palm branches that double as beams, petite window roofs, and minarets with ostrich eggs were a sight to behold. The culturally enriching atmosphere of being present on market day with local artisans and community members was an unforgettable experience for me. And it is one that I will always cherish as my memories of this day formed the foundation for creating and launching this collection of scarves.