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Djenne Foudre Rose

Djenne Foudre Rose

Zainab trails behind the imam as she's overcome with awe and wonder….

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    As we make our way down the prayer hall of the Great Mosque of Djenné, the scent of fragrant incense permeates the air.

    I look up and see the wood panels lining the ceiling in neat rows.

    Tall pillars meet at the top in pointed arches between each row of panels.

    The breeze entering through the courtyard spreads through the hall with the help of the whirring fans above.

    The near silence is one of peace and stillness. It is only interrupted by the creaking of the stairs as we climb up to the rooftop. And what was the cool sensation of mud on our bare feet suddenly turns to a scorching heat as we step out onto the roof under the blazing sun.

    An almost complete painting of Djenné Foudre Red with just some sections of red waiting to be darkened.
    Adding in some blues to the Foudre Red painting.
    Djenne Foudre Rose

    Djenne Foudre Rose

    With a geometric pattern inspired by Djenné's vernacular architecture, the Foudre Rose print features blue and brown with hints of blush pink and red.

    The design is an abstract of Djenné's conical rooftops, ostrich eggs atop minarets, protruding palm branches, and wood-paneled ceilings, most prominently displayed in the Great Mosque of Djenné.

    35" x 75"

    100% modal

    Raw edge

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean