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Gnawa Lila Vert

Gnawa Lila Vert

As participants dance to the entrancing melody of the musicians, you glance over to see a beautifully garbed lady presiding over the ceremony....

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    Gnawa Lila Vert
    Gnawa Lila Vert
    Gnawa Lila Vert
    Gnawa Lila Vert, wool scarf
    Gnawa Lila Vert

    Gnawa Lila Vert

    Gnawa Lila channels the movements of dance, the rhythm and instruments of Gnawa music, and the floral embroidery and cowrie shells adorning the clothing of Gnawa musicians.

    The forest green Lila print features an abstract design in mustard yellow, taupe, peach, and brown.

    51" x 70"

    100% wool

    Raw edges all around

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean


    A celebration through song and dance.

    A remembrance of Gnawa history.

    Bondage and freedom.

    A ceremony to connect with the spirits and the saints.

    The melody pierces your soul. The incense intoxicates. The dancing invigorates.

    Keep the energy going because it’s an all night affair. Your body can’t stop-- won’t stop-- moving until the morning.

    The different phases of creating the Lila print: watercolor painting, digital renderings, and textile art.