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Allal Maxi Dress- Zainab Sumu

Allal Maxi Dress

When you take in the style of the Gnawa musicians, you notice the bright colors, embroidery and cowrie shells. But there’s one additional detail....

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    Allal Maxi Dress
    Allal Maxi Dress- Zainab Sumu
    Allal Maxi Dress- Zainab Sumu
    Allal Maxi Dress- Zainab Sumu

    Allal Maxi Dress

    Incorporating our Jadba Fleur artwork, the print is an interpretation of the nirvana-like state, jadba, that participants reach during a Lila when the dancer is transported into trance through the sweeping movements of Gnawa music.

    This v-neck maxi dress from the Gnawa Capsule Collection features an open collar, three-quarter length bell sleeves, pleating at waist, side pockets, and a long waist tie at the back. It's a show stopper and will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day from your morning activities to evening shenanigans.

    Jadba Fleur Red: viscose, rayon

    Limited edition of 10

    Designed in the USA, tailored in Marrakech

    One size, measure approx. 59" long


      You can’t miss how comfortable the musicians look in their clothing as they move freely around the stage.

      I wanted to create a limited collection inspired by the fashion of the musicians with some key components.

      Without size constraints.



      All while still looking fabulous.

      Some are inspired by my mum’s own classic stylish pieces. All of these elements reflect the way the majority of African women dress.

      Working with a woman-owned factory in Morocco to create the Capsule Collection pieces.