Dogon Spring/Summer '16 Collection

So beyond  excited to finally unveil our Spring/Summer 2016 collection. 

I was totally blown away by the organic sophistication of The Dogon.

Imagine a world where housing is carved into mountains and the design of living whereabouts is adapted to benefit the physical constraints of an environment.

Inspiration points:

The stacked stones that form a fencing around the community

The storage granaries, the cone shapes and pointed tops.

La case à palabre or Toguna- were men hang out and discuss matters concerning the community. 

I love the ideology behind the Toguna- the roof is very low so one can only sit or lie down. This way if conversation gets heated then one is less inclined to blow up.

For color I thought of the  simple and reserved beauty of the Dogon and so it was only a natural progression for me to fuse that inspiration with the beautiful foliage colors I see around our New England head quarters.


color inspiration6.jpg

Et voilà, the collection for SS 2016!!

A special thank you to the wonderful Samantha Spencer for images of these sidewalk beauties from Boston!!

“Collection available via March 28th".

Thank you all for reading.



Zainab Sumu