Gnawa II Artisanal Collection

Series II of the Gnawa Artisanal Collection focuses on the fashion of not only the Gnawa musicians but also the jewelry worn by Imazighen (Berber) women.

I love antique Amazigh jewelry and Berber/Amazigh jewelry is one of the best examples of the unique savoir-faire of Moroccan craftsmen. To the Amazigh woman, jewelry is not only an adornment but a powerful statement about the essence of who she is. Each jewelry piece is her own distinctive creation bearing testimony to her identity. It is a symbol and source of a women’s economic power (as she is free to sell at will). It also signifies wealth, social status, tribal identity, and marital status.

Morocco is also known for some of the most beautiful and intricate embroidery and beading work. I wanted to incorporate this into the series.

Each of the fifteen pieces in this series is a repurposed item. Half of the collection was created in Marrakech with a group of women whom I work with locally.

The collection is a mixed media fusion of antique 18th and 19th century Berber jewelry, hand drawn artwork, beading, sculptural weaving, and embroidery.

I use sustainable and locally sourced yarns for the artisanal collection. All items are handmade.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the artisanal collection, please contact me.


Repurposed denim jacket with art work inspired by the Jadba print of the Gnawa II scarf collection. This piece is primarily beading done by hand with parts of antique 19th/20th c. Amazigh fibulae jewelry and cowrie shells covered in Swarovski crystals.

Vintage denim jacket; black, gold, rose, turquoise beading; onyx Swarovski-studded cowrie shells; antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry



Vintage denim jacket with antique Amazigh fibula (tizerais) piece. The tizerais is an item traditionally worn by women to hold a clothing item in place. This rare piece is from the 19th/20th c. The art is from the Jadba print from Gnawa I scarf collection.

Vintage denim jacket; black, grey cotton yarn; blue, navy, turquoise wool yarn; green/gold, red beading; cowrie shells; antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry



Repurposed red hoodie highlighting the nowness of Gnawa culture and music.
The design is a play on the iconic symbols of Gnawa music, the Guembri, Qraqeb, and the hats worn by musicians. Entirely created by hand using "beading" technique. Handmade in Marrakech.

Repurposed red zip hoodie; black, brown wool yarn; bronze, black, gold, rose gold, turquoise beading; multicolor bead accents; cowrie shells





Our Lila art on a vintage denim jacket using coiling technique, embroidery, and beading all done by hand in our SoWa Boston studio.

Vintage denim jacket; goldenrod cotton yarn; bronze, goldenrod, peach, red wool yarn; black, red beading; pearl beading




Repurposed handmade sweater. Dispersed cowrie shells covered in pearls with an antique 19th/20th c. Berber/Amazigh jewelry piece.

Repurposed moss green sweater; Swarovski pearl-studded cowrie shells, antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry



Handmade using coiling and beading techniques, this sweater is an improvisation of the continuous chants of song, the melodic flow, the quavering pitch play, the intertwining rhythm of the "Guembri and the Krakeb". A new version of our Jadba print.

Repurposed grey sweatshirt; goldenrod, red wool yarn; gold, red, rose gold beading; amber Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



Blue, the color of the spirit of the sea and the sky, healing, calming and comforting. This vintage handmade sweater is infused with coins from antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry from the 19th/20th c. The beading and embroidery is of artwork from our new Lila Cowrie print.

Repurposed navy sweater; green, light blue, navy, red wool yarn; blue, green, red, turquoise beading; antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry




Gnawa music and berber/Amazigh fusion in this regal piece. A vintage fibulae piece from the 19th c. and vintage amulet come alive with handmade embroidery, beading in rich hues, and cowrie shells covered with Swarovski crystals.

Repurposed red sweatshirt; red cotton yarn; goldenrod, greyish blue, peach, forest green wool yarn; black, gold, green, green/gold, pink, rose, turquoise beading; red Swarovski-studded cowrie shells; antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry



Depicting our love for Gnawa music, this vintage denim jacket is all about fusing the traditional and modern. A blend of 19th/20th c. Berber/Amazigh jewelry and modern jewelry hand-embroidered. The Gnawa music instrumentations are hand-beaded and embroidered in our heart.

Vintage denim jacket; red cotton yarn; black, bronze, forest green, wool yarn; black, blue, green/gold, red beading; small pearl beading; champagne Swarovski-studded cowrie shells (buttons); antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry; contemporary jewel accents



19th/20th c. Berber/Amazigh fibula as focal point embroidered on a repurposed aubergine sweater with interspersed Swarovski-covered cowrie shells.

Repurposed aubergine sweater; pink cotton yarn; red floral beads; violet Swarovski-studded cowrie shells; antique Berber/Amazigh jewelry


I use sustainable and locally sourced yarns for the artisanal collection. All items are handmade.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the artisanal collection, please contact me.