Gnawa I Artisanal Collection

For the first series of the Gnawa Artisanal Collection, I was transported as I listened to the different songs whilst creating each piece by hand. I wanted to interpret the rhythm as it transports you through each piece. There are 10 pieces in the first collection and each one is named after a song that I feel is a reflection of the piece. 

I listened to the music all day and when I work, especially music by Mâalem Mahmoud Guinia, Mâalem Mohamed Kouyou and Hamid El Kasri. As well as interpreting the rhythm, I used colors that are an intregral part of the Gnawa culture.

I use sustainable and locally sourced yarns for the artisanal collection. All items are handmade.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the artisanal collection, please contact me.


Sleeveless cropped top with negative spaces in front and back. Entire piece made by hand using coiling technique. It is an improvisation and interpretation of the rhythm of popular Gnawa song allal.

Black cotton cord; black, red 100% wool yarn; red Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



Vintage denim enveloped in yarn using coiling technique. This piece improvises the repetitive nature of the melodic tune of the song Boulilla.

Vintage denim jacket; cotton cord; 100% wool yarn; Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



Repurposed black denim jacket highlighting the nowness of Gnawa culture and music.
The design is as simple as the song with a subtle movement of the rhythm interpreted with vintage gold pearls. Entirely created by hand using "twining" technique. Used vintage gold and black yarn to depict yellow, spirit of femininity.

Vintage denim jacket; black, black/gold, yellow wool yarn; spokes pearls; gold-studded cowrie shells





Coiling technique for top piece and twining for cape.

Gold, yellow, and multi-shaded green wool yarn; mixed yellow-green yarn; yellow Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



Repurposed handmade vintage jacket. This vest is the song; it is youthful, hypnotic. Coiled attachments and top stitching interpret subtle movement of rhythm. Colors of blue and green depict the spirits of the sea and nature.

Vintage leather jacket; black cotton cord; black, blue, and green and black wool yarn (shoulders); multicolor yarn (top stitching); Swarovski-studded cowrie shells (buttons)



Handmade using coiling and twining techniques, this vest is an improvisation of the continuous chants of song, the melodic flow, the quavering pitch play, the intertwining rhythm of the "Guembri and the Krakeb"

Cotton cord, wool and cotton yarn



Blue, the color of the spirit of the sea and the sky, healing, calming and comforting. This handmade vest is the song, it is tonic, the blues, the wavering pitch-play is shown by the blue coiling"

Cotton cord; blue yarn; turquoise Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



Entirely handmade, this long sleeveless vest with rhythmic flow depicts the essence of Gnawa music and culture.
Regal, poised and experienced movement and flow of music travels through the coiled red yarn around neckline.

Grey wool yarn; cotton cord; dark green wool yarn; cotton yarn; Swarovski-studded cowrie shells




The intoxicating sound of the Guembri, the hynotic rhythm of the Krakeb travels the length of this piece; Repetitive, slow at first and then explosion. Red is power, it is sedate, classic and alluring.

Red cotton cord; multi-shaded red wool and cashmere yarn; red Swarovski-studded cowrie shells



This longsleeve "Twined" piece is quiet, regal and like the music I wanted to create something that just pulls you in, envelopes you and makes you stop.

Black/gold cotton yarn; black/gold wool yarn; black yarn; black beads; Swarovski-studded cowrie shells


I use sustainable and locally sourced yarns for the artisanal collection. All items are handmade.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the artisanal collection, please contact me.