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So wanted to do a quick post on some fab ways to wear our scarves in the summer, YAY!.
In response to the questions about how to wear,  
Here are a few fun ideas of how to rock them for some fun in the sun!

Our scarves come in luxurious sizes as you can see!

Easy to drape over shoulders like a Pashmina!

Wrapped around you as a sarong!!

web slide8.jpg

Or worn as a head wrap when having a bad hair day or for a chic vacay look!

So at home, on a boat, at the beach or just out and about this summer, be sure to jazz things up with one of our scarves!! Why not get yours from our store?

Big thanks to Katii Tornick  and the beautiful @meisalas for the stunning images!

Thank you all for reading!
xo, Zainab


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 So beyond excited on seeing these  images of the beautiful and super talented Alicia Keys wearing our Djenne Mystere Mud scarf published by UK's Daily Mail.

Love, Love!!!

I am a huge fan and doesn't she just look amazing??

You can shop the collection below.

Thanks for reading!



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So beyond  excited to finally unveil our Spring/Summer 2016 collection. 

I was totally blown away by the organic sophistication of The Dogon.

Imagine a world where housing is carved into mountains and the design of living whereabouts is adapted to benefit the physical constraints of an environment.

Inspiration points:

The stacked stones that form a fencing around the community

The storage granaries, the cone shapes and pointed tops.

La case à palabre or Toguna- were men hang out and discuss matters concerning the community. 

I love the ideology behind the Toguna- the roof is very low so one can only sit or lie down. This way if conversation gets heated then one is less inclined to blow up.

For color I thought of the  simple and reserved beauty of the Dogon and so it was only a natural progression for me to fuse that inspiration with the beautiful foliage colors I see around our New England head quarters.


color inspiration6.jpg

Et voilà, the collection for SS 2016!!

A special thank you to the wonderful Samantha Spencer for images of these sidewalk beauties from Boston!!

“Collection available via March 28th".

Thank you all for reading.




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So so super excited to share with you these AMAZING illustrations of our Djenne collection by New York based artist J. Jean-Claude Samuel.


I totally love how much they encapsulate our Primitive-Modern vibe!!


Plus each one represents a fierce female with a style that is all her own!


They also let you see some fun ways to wear our scarves!


Simple, elegant, chic!

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

Our Showroom

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We recently moved into our Atelier and showroom in Boston's gallery district SOWA.

The design, totally Primitive Modern! Vernacular, simple, authentic.

Our showroom is filled with things we love. Photographs by Malick Sidibe, sculptures from Dogon country, books on architecture, Fashion and design from around the world.


We love the corrugated Dogon door depicting a peaceful family ambiance.

Like our showroom, our packaging depicts elegance, simplicity, warmth and joy!

If you are in the neighborhood, do pop in, say hello and listen to music by Habib Koite, Ali Farka Toure, Amadou & Miriam, Vieux Toure, Fela and more!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and thank you so much for reading!

All images by Ralph Mercer photography